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These Brilligent™ solutions support our customers and partners by combining state of the art technology and our EPIC core values to produce unparalleled products and experiences.

We provide leading exploitation capabilities, low-SWAP sensor solutions, and custom software development to support sensor systems. We are proud of the customer relationships we have cultivated, and our mission to protect our country. Below, you will find a few of our success stories highlighting the power of combining a customer’s vision with our software and engineering capabilities to provide a Brilligent™ solution. For a more detailed understanding of our capabilities please download our capabilities briefing or connect with us via our contact page.

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End-to-end RADAR Solutions

End-to-end RADAR Solutions

Challenge: Intelligence gathering radar systems typically require a backend PED (Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination) solution that bridges the gap between the raw data collection and the intelligence consumers. Developing an efficient PED system that considers the radar’s capabilities, the analyst’s workflow, and the customer’s needs is critical to the success of the mission.

Solution: This Brilligent™ solution provides analytical expertise and custom PED systems to fully exploit radar data. We develop tools to support data collection and data processing. Our Radar Analysis Workbench System (RAWS) contains a wide assortment of advanced tools to assist analysts in data exploitation. Reporting and disseminating information is accomplished through custom software designed to directly satisfy customer’s needs.

Success: Together, our engineering and software teams worked to develop a PED system for a billion dollar Air Force asset. Our PED solutions and analytical services are utilized by NASIC on a daily basis to provide the intelligence community a better understanding of threat capabilities. Our reports and briefings reach a number of high-level groups and agencies to include the: Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Missile Space and Intelligence Center (MSIC), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), and the State Department.



Challenge: We live in a world where there is a high demand for sensor data. As sensors become smaller and more affordable, the integration with Airborne Vehicle Systems (AVS) unleashes great potential, especially for obtaining data in challenging environments.

Solution: Brilligent is partnering with local area companies, universities, and institutions to develop low SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost) sensor systems. Our current systems are under 25 pounds and have material costs around $5000. Our approach identifies the optimal platform, sensor, and algorithms necessary to accomplish the mission.Going beyond requirements, our focus on data exploitation ensures that the resulting data products meet the needs of the mission.

Success: Brilligent’s team won a Phase I Army STTR focused on creating 3D SAR images in urban canyons with viewing angles limited to near-vertical. The success that we have realized through this research continues to open doors to new applications and possibilities.

Cohesive Intelligence

Cohesive Intelligence

Challenge: Integrating different data sources into a cohesive picture is a high priority issue in the intelligence field. The challenges arise in providing a framework to easily search, access, and display information from a broad assortment of data sources to ease the burden on analysts and decision makers.

Solution: Our Brilligent™ solution focuses on data aggregation, situational awareness, and data management to assist analysts in transforming data into actionable intelligence.

  • Data Aggregation - We have developed a tool called DigiFeeds to capture, organize, and correlate data feeds that provide analysts with additional information to augment their analysis.
  • Situational Awareness - Our Dashboard systems provide situational awareness through data driven displays to highlight areas of interest. DigiFeeds and Dashboard work in unison to discover relevant data sources and notify analysts of their collection relevance.
  • Data Interrogation - Our Data Management Systems (DMS) provide a framework to search both primary and secondary data sources, identify the most relevant data, and support historical data comparisons to increase data confidence.

Success: We have successfully deployed customized solutions ranging from individual tools to complete systems. The National Air and Space Intelligence Center uses our system on a daily basis and is integrated with our radar analysis software (RAWS) to quickly create comprehensive, complete, and actionable intelligence.

Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Challenge: Collection sites and analysis locations are rarely co-located. The challenge that arises from this environment is transferring data accurately and quickly to realize actionable intelligence in a timely manner. Complicating these issues are shared data links with variable bandwidths and unreliable connections with high latency and data corruption.

Solution: Brilligent developed DTRAN to eliminate data transfer concerns by providing a peer-to-peer environment to quickly and accurately deliver data and analysis results between locations no matter the link conditions. DTRAN is built on the application layer of the native network protocol allowing it to work within the customer’s current network configuration. Initially built for reliability, DTRAN has now evolved to provide transfer speeds that exceed FTP. DTRAN uses custom algorithms to saturate bandwidth and minimize file transfer overhead without sacrificing the 100% reliability guarantee. A key feature that separates DTRAN from the competition is its in-transfer controls. Data transfers can be monitored, paused and reprioritized during transfer and resumed later right where they left off. With its roots in the defense industry, DTRAN also provides extensive logging and metric capabilities to monitor link performance in both real time and over time (e.g., weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.).

Success: DTRAN is being used across the National Air and Space Intelligence Center and is certified to operate within the Department of Defense. It has been in use for over 10 years providing users with a complete solution to their data transfer needs.

Sensor Performance

Sensor Performance

Challenge: Today’s intelligence challenges coupled with modern advances in technology are changing how we use our nation’s sensors. Assessing sensor effectiveness provides decision makers with important information regarding capability gaps, modernization opportunities, and acquisition alternatives. However, providing unbiased assessments of a sensor’s overall capabilities to support this is a challenging task often tainted by personal opinion.

Solution: Our Sensor Effectiveness Tool (SET) incorporates subject matter expertise to scientifically evaluate a sensor’s capability. This tool assesses how well radar systems can support intelligence objectives against select targets and geometries. However, the underlying technology can be expanded to other sensor systems as well.

Success: SET is currently being used by the Air Force to identify performance gaps, evaluate intelligence-gathering capabilities, and support analysis-of-alternatives for sensor replacement programs.

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